Live Tracker - Fastnet 2019 1

Live Tracker – Fastnet 2019

There are lots of ways to follow us around the race course and we’ll be posting regular updates to both our Instagram and Facebook feeds.

Official Race Tracker App

Download the official Fastnet race tracker app from either the App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, add The Fastnet as a race and you can check in and see how we’re doing any time.

Live Tracker - Fastnet 2019 2Live Tracker - Fastnet 2019 3

Message Us!

You can also send us messages of support (we might need them!) just WhatsApp us on 023 8000 0270. I know the whole crew would love to hear from you.

Live Race Tracker

Follow us live around the Fastnet Race course. Just put Polka in the search box to see where we are and how we’re going against the fleet.