Cookie Policy

Cookies are tiny text files stored on your computer when you visit certain web pages.

In order for you to purchase items from Polka Sailing online, you need to have some cookies enabled on your computer or device.

If you disable these cookies, you may be able to still browse the site, however you may not be able to make purchases or take advantage of other features.

Cookies cannot do harm to your computer or device.

Polka Sailing does not store any information in cookies that could directly identify you (such as credit card details, for example).

We use cookies on the Polka Sailing website to keep track of what you have in your basket, and to remember you when you return to our site.

We also use encrypted information stored in cookies to improve your experience of the Polka Sailing site.

This might include suggesting products related to your searches, or storing information about errors you may encounter on the website so that we can resolve them.

We also use third-party scripts on our website to tailor the content you see on the site, for example, to show you related products similar to ones previously purchased or searched for.

Third party cookies are also used to provide anonymous statistical information, such as which pages are the most visited on our site, and how our site is found on the web.


We define cookie types as either ‘First Party’ or ‘Third Party’ cookies. First Party Cookies are those provided by Polka Sailing or our partners. Third Party cookies are ones that are utilised when you use certain features of the site. This might include sharing product information using Facebook or Twitter ‘like’ or ‘share’ buttons, for example.

Some cookies are known as ‘session cookies’ – these cookies are only stored on your computer while you are using your web browser. These cookies are deleted when your browser is closed. Other cookies expire after a certain time period.

A list of the cookies used, their behaviour and how long they are stored on your computer is provided below.

Providing you with this information is part of our initiative to comply with recent changes in the law regarding online privacy and the use of cookies, and our wider aim to provide a clear and honest approach to issues of privacy for our site visitors and customers.


Most web browsers allow you to manage cookies, and will have cookies enabled by default. You can read this guide on how to turn all or some cookies on or off in some of the most common browsers.

Visit the Network Advertising Initiative website to opt out of certain advertising cookies.


CookieDescriptionEssential for Checkout?Expiry
httpreferReferral data to track sites that link to Polka SailingNO2 days
langRecords the Customer’s language preference. Can be set by either the Customer selecting a language using Region and Language Selection functionality or by visiting a page where the language is defined in the URL.YESNever
locnRecords the Customer’s location (region) preference. Can be set by either the Customer selecting a region using Region and Language Selection functionality or by visiting a page where the region is defined in the URL.YESNever
newCurrRecords the Customer’s currency preference so that exchange rates can be made.NO1 week
quenchDuring busy times, ‘quenching’ can be enabled on a Site which restricts the amount of people allowed to access the Site. If quenching is enabled, Customers with this cookie and a value in that cookie below the threshold will be allowed to continue to use the Site (i.e., to place an order); those without it (i.e., those who have not started shopping) will be prevented from using the Site until there is capacity to handle them.YESEnd of session
referidReferral data to track sites that link to Polka SailingNO2 days
RFIDContains information about the Customer, such as their unique user reference ID for the current session.YESNever
RSIRecords the last 3 keyword searches so they appear in the “Recent Search Box”, allowing the Customer to jump back to those searches quickly.NO1 day
RVIRecords the SKUs the Customer has recently viewed. Without this cookie, the “Recently Viewed Items” box will not show any items.NO1 week
setCurrencyRecords the Customer’s currency preference so that exchange rates can be made.NO1 week
setViewRecords the Customer’s preference for how the Products are arranged on “Product List” and “Search Results” pages.NO1 week
setViewPerPageRecords the Customer’s preference for the number of Products to view per page.NO1 week
SIDContains information about the session. If the user is logged in, this cookie is cleared when the user logs out.YESNever


CookieProviderDescriptionEssential for Checkout?Expiry
__utmaGoogle [Google Analytics]Google Analytics. An anonymous ID for the Customer used to track repeat visits.NO2 years
__utmbGoogle [Google Analytics]Used by ga.js to determine the Customer’s session information.NO30 minutes
__utmcGoogle [Google Analytics]Used by ga.js to determine the Customer’s session information.NOSession
___utmvGoogle [Google Analytics]Used only if custom variables are set to report on the particular data that it is configured to gather (e.g., a custom demographic).NO2 years
___utmxGoogle [Google Analytics]Used for testing responses different user experiences, such as different design layouts.NO2 years
__utmzGoogle [Google Analytics]Stores the referral information for the Customer; e.g., whether they found the page by a search engine result, direct link, ad, etc.NO6 months


The following cookies are used whenever you use social media features (Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube) on the Polka Sailing website, as well as cookies provided by our advertising partners. For example, if you choose to recommend one of our products on Facebook to your friends, or post about our products to Twitter using the social media buttons on the Polka Sailing site then cookies from these companies may store that information.

Please note that we do not have any control over how the information in these cookies is used. Please refer to the cookie policies of the relevant provider for more information.

Note that these cookies do not have a direct impact on the usability, performance or functioning of the Polka Sailing website.

CookieProviderWeb SiteDescriptionExpiry
SIDGooglegoogle.comGoogle – Advertising1 year
uitAdd Thisaddthis.comAddthis – Social Sharing Widget1 day
uidAdd Thisaddthis.comAddthis – Social Sharing Widget2 years
uvcAdd Thisaddthis.comAddthis – Social Sharing Widget2 years
pscAdd Thisaddthis.comAddthis – Social Sharing Widget2 years
dtAdd Thisaddthis.comAddthis – Social Sharing Widget27 days
btAdd Thisaddthis.comAddthis – Social Sharing Widget2 years
ULSGoogle – Social Sharing WidgetSession
diAdd This.addthis.comAddthis – Social Sharing Widget2 years
guest_idTwittertwitter.comTwitter – Social Sharing Widget2 years
jsTwittertwitter.comTwitter – Social Sharing Widget27 days
kTwittertwitter.comTwitter – Social Sharing Widget4 days
locAdd Thisaddthis.comAddthis – Social Sharing Widget53 days
pidAdd Thistwitter.comTwitter – Social Sharing Widget2 years
__utmaTwittertwitter.comTwitter – Social Sharing Widget2 years
__utmcTwittertwitter.comTwitter – Social Sharing WidgetSession
__utmzTwittertwitter.comTwitter – Social Sharing Widget6 months
_twitter_sessTwittertwitter.comTwitter – Social Sharing WidgetSession
auth_tokenTwittertwitter.comTwitter – Social Sharing WidgetSession
auth_token_sessionTwittertwitter.comTwitter – Social Sharing WidgetSession
BEATGoogle – Social Sharing Widget1 day
langTwittertwitter.comTwitter – Social Sharing WidgetSession
original_refererTwittertwitter.comTwitter – Social Sharing WidgetSession
secure_sessionTwittertwitter.comTwitter – Social Sharing WidgetSession
sscTwitteraddthis.comAddthis – Social Sharing Widget2 years
twidTwitter.twitter.comTwitter – Social Sharing WidgetSession
twllTwitter.twitter.comTwitter – Social Sharing Widget1 year
ULSGoogle – Social Sharing WidgetSession
user_segmentAdd Thisaddthis.comAddthis – Social Sharing Widget1 month
actFacebookfacebook.comFacebook – Social Sharing WidgetSession
c_userFacebookfacebook.comFacebook – Social Sharing Widget1 month
csmFacebookfacebook.comFacebook – Social Sharing Widget1 month
datrFacebookfacebook.comFacebook – Social Sharing Widget2 years
luFacebookfacebook.comFacebook – Social Sharing Widget2 years
pFacebookfacebook.comFacebook – Social Sharing WidgetSession
presenceFacebookfacebook.comFacebook – Social Sharing WidgetSession
sFacebookfacebook.comFacebook – Social Sharing Widget1 month
xsFacebookfacebook.comFacebook – Social Sharing Widget1 month
sshFacebookaddthis.comAddthis – Social Sharing Widget2 years
sshsAdd Thisaddthis.comAddthis – Social Sharing Widget2 years
__utmaGoogle – Social Sharing Widget2 years
PREFYou Tubeyoutube.comYouTube – Video/Advertising1 year
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEYou Tubeyoutube.comYouTube – Video/Advertising6 months
use_hitboxYou Tubeyoutube.comYouTube – Video/AdvertisingSession
__utmaBlipstarblipstar.comBlipstar – Store Location Service Google Analytics2 years
__utmbBlipstarblipstar.comBlipstar – Store Location Service Google AnalyticsSession
__utmcBlipstarblipstar.comBlipstar – Store Location Service Google AnalyticsSession
__utmzBlipstarblipstar.comBlipstar – Store Location Service Google Analytics4 months
reg_ext_refBlipstarfacebook.comFacebook – Social Sharing WidgetSession
reg_fb_refBlipstarfacebook.comFacebook – Social Sharing WidgetSession
__utmzGoogle – Social Sharing Widget4 months
cidAdformtrack.adform.netAdform – Advertising2 months
uidAdformadform.netAdform – Advertising2 months
CAdformtrack.adform.netAdform – Advertising1 day
TPCAdformadform.netAdform – Advertising1 day
GCMAdformadform.netAdform – Advertising1 day
__utmcGoogle – Social Sharing WidgetSession
external_refererTwittertwitter.comTwitter – Social Sharing Widget1 day
FBS_VI_1335569604_0Google – Social Sharing WidgetSesssion
GoogleAccountsLocale_sessionGoogle – AdvertisingSession
HSIDYou Tubeyoutube.comYouTube – Video/Advertising1 year
__utmbGoogle – Social Sharing WidgetSession
SIDYou Tubeyoutube.comYouTube – Video/Advertising1 year