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Busy Summer…

…but I guess that’s part of the fun of boat ownership; no time for anything else!

Having got to know her much better and clocked up a few hundred miles, the real work can now start. Lots of basic maintenance has been carried out along the journey. A few false starts (really shouldn’t have enter Cowes week this year – she was just not ready!) but many memories already created (glorious sail back from Guernsey, Asymmetric all the way, arriving at the Needles two hours ahead of schedule to name just one).

I can tell you she’s a feisty lady but as with all such personalities, treat her gently, remain calm and tweak her constantly and she more than rewards the attention!

Is she a family cruiser? Well we we spent just over a week aboard with 3 kids in just about the worst week of August. More rain than I’ve seen for a long time. It had its moments, slightly tense atmosphere but that’s what real cabin fever is like and being holed up in Poole for nearly 48hours whilst the torrential rain passed would be difficult enough without 3 kids! Overall though, in terms of space, accommodation and sailing, she worked. Oh, and did I mention? We had a couple of birthdays to celebrate that week too!

So, what next? Well a few rigging tweaks have been made, cruising sails are (hopefully) now all sorted (testing this weekend). Time for the racing wardrobe (cheque book at the ready!) Conversations are being had and decisions need to be made, for now likely looking at a Carbon Main and a couple of Jibs, No.2 & No.3 and of course a Code 0. Then we need to tune her properly.

Trying to get a crew together for the Hamble Winter Series and of course let’s not forget the Sunsail Racing Finals in November. Looks like a busy summer’s going to turn into a busy Autumn.