Get yourself licensed!

Whilst you may be able to skipper a boat up to 24m without any formal qualifications, the only law governing watersports for recreational purposes is the use of a VHF Radio. Unless under someone else supervision, you are not allowed to use one without a “Certificate of Competence and Authority to Operate”.

Get yourself licensed! 1

So whilst no one can take your boat away for not having a skippers license, they can prosecute you and confiscate your equipment if you don’t have an SRC (VHF) marine radio license!

That’s why we’re super excited to launch our VHF Radio courses. The course is undertaken online through the RYA website and we are running exam days where, once you’ve completed the course, you can come and do the assessment required to be issued with a license.

SRC (VHF) Marine Radio Course

Get yourself licensed! 2
  • Online course, approximately 6 – 7 hours of home study
  • Assessment Days (currently in Godalming) schedule for 27th November & 29th January
  • Half price assessment slots if you do the online course via us

Taster video

Try before you buy, have a look at this taster video to get an idea of the SRC (VHF) online course.

Our Assessment Centre

  • Real VHF Radios – not simulators
  • 3 hour, bookable slots – plenty of time to get familiar with the equipment prior to the exam
  • Maximum of 3 people per slot
  • Practical Exam – You will be given a scenario to play out on the radio
  • Written Exam – 30min multiple choice exam paper
Get yourself licensed! 3

(If you’ve already booked and completed the SRC (VHF) course through another RYA Training Centre, you can still book an assessment slot with us.)

Psst…if you know anyone who wants to (or should!) do this course, then please pass on the details…