• RYA Yachtmaster Scheme Syllabus and Logbook (G158)

    RYA Yachtmaster Scheme Syllabus and Logbook (G158)


    The Yachtmaster Scheme & Log book (G158) is an essential publication for anyone following the RYA Yachtmaster pathway. It provides you with somewhere to keep your course completion certificates and of course somewhere to record those all important miles.

  • RYA Weather Handbook (G133)

    RYA Weather Handbook (G133)


    If you are doing an RYA course or are simply seeking to gain a greater understanding of the weather, this edition of the RYA Weather Handbook (which covers the Northern and Southern Hemispheres) is full of practical and useful information, on aspects such as theory, weather charts, clouds, predicting the wind, and the technology used…