Polka Dot Rewards – Terms & Conditions

We offer rewards and points for loyal customers in the form of Polka Dots. All purchases on our website qualify for Polka Dots which can then be redeemed for other products or services being offered by Polka Sailing.
We aim to keep the terms surrounding the earning and usage of Polka Dots as simple as possible, these are the details of the terms and conditions surrounding Polka Dots;
  1. Polka Dots are awarded once payment has been made so where a product is purchased by paying a deposit, the value of the deposit is counted towards Polka Dots with the balance only accruing reward points once it has been paid.
  2. If not redeemed, Polka Dots will expire 2 years after they have issued. Any partial use of Polka Dots will be taken from the oldest qualifying reward.
  3. The value of Polka Dots, both when issued and redeemed, may be different depending on the product or service on which they are earned or redeemed (see table below).
  4. When Polka Dots are being redeemed, a maximum of 10% of the value of any product can be discounted. Any remaining Polka Dots will be kept in your balance for redemption against future purchases.
  5. You must have an account with Polka Sailing to retain Polka Dots, if you close or delete your account, your Polka Dots will also be deleted and no longer redeemable.
  6. We retain the rights to vary the value of both earning and redeeming Polka Dots at any time.

Earning & Redemption:

10 Polka Dots = £1 subject to being awarded as follows:

Equivalent redeemable cashback rate of 10% if earned at 100% or 5% if earned at 50%. 

Product Catagory / Specific ProductReward (Points Earned)Max Redemption
Essential Navigation & SeamanshipFixed: 2,000 points0%
Shorebased Training100%10%
Yacht Racing50%5%
Practical Training / Courses100%10%
Sailing Experiences100%5%
Own Boat Tuition50%10%
Private Instruction50%10%
Equipment (eg, Plotter)50%0%
Gift VouchersPoints are not earned when purchasing gift vouchers but are rewarded when the voucher is redeemed (spent) as per the table above.

Last updated: 8th March 2018